Arcade categories is one of the most popular category on reycreo. Arcade games category comes from games machines installed in shopping arcades in 1980s-90s. Most games in this category are point and shoot categories. This is one category which is enjoyed by all age groups. They can be simple easy to pass time games to intriguing games with multiple levels and engrossing games. For example, <a href="" title="Christmas Tree Fun">“Christmas Tree Fun"</a> is easy to understand simple game where user has cut a tree in limited time. The number of logs one makes in the time is counted. It’s a simple and easy to play game. One always wants to do better the game against its own score. <a href="" title="Airplane Surviva">“Airplane Survival" </a> is another game in the same genre. But it requires some skill to play this. The objective of the game is to make your airplane dodge the missiles coming from all around. This requires some degree of skill and agility. Also, there are options to switch to better plane as you increase your proficiency and make more points.

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Brick Breaker


Break out from the brick walls

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Cam & Leon Donut Hop


Hop in and out of donuts!

Bounce your way past a changing world

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Knife Dart


Improve your knife throwing skills

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Flappy Unicorn


Play as a unicorn, flap through the rainbow sky

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Candy Christmas


Match christmas candy to win

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Feed Grandma & Grandpa


Match the correct food within 60 seconds

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Alien Claw Crane


Control the claw crane to pick up aliens

Hop and bounce without falling

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Airplane Survival


Avoid the missiles, stay alive

Collect and connect the zombie gems

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Flip The Bottle


Land the bottle perfectly to score 3 stars

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Mountain Hop


Hop your away down the mountain

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Monsters and Cake


Match the monsters, eat the cake

Move the paddle to avoid deadly shurikens; collect white dots to slow down the dark spikes.

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Jump and Splat


Tap to slam the ball down. Keep bouncing as far as you can. Time your jumps to ensure safe landing.

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Classic Pinball


Action-packed tabletop pinball game

Stop ants and bugs from invading your home

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Laddu Champion


Catch the falling Laddu

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Feed The Baby


You dont like babies when they are hungy

Flap your way through space, with a superhero cat

Eat the dots, avoid the monsters

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Christmas Tree Fun


Chop the christmas tree

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Escape from Aztec


Run fast, avoid being caught

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Giant Hamster Run


Play as a giant hamster. Run along the city streets.

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Tower Of Babel


Build the highest tower in the world

Endless jumping game